It’s FASD Day!

FASD Day was first celebrated in 1999. It is a day devoted to raising awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) to improve prevention of FASD and diagnosis and support for individuals with FASD. Throughout the month of September, events are held across Canada in recognition of FASD Day. However, one day is not enough.

Join us, the Canada FASD Research Network and the other FASD Networks in Alberta and across Canada, in having conversations about FASD today and everyday!

As we raise awareness about FASD today and everyday, let’s remember that language shapes the way we view the world. Historically, language used to describe individuals with FASD has resulted in further discrimination and stereotyping.

When talking about FASD, use language that highlights the strengths and abilities of individuals with FASD rather than focusing on the challenges they experience. Using the same language and statistics when talking about FASD and the issues related to the disability will help to improve everyones understanding!

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