Unsure how to use our provincial FASD ORS online reporting system? Click on the following PDFs for guidelines.

  1. FASD ORS Overview and Training summary
  2. FASD-ORS New user ID activation tip sheet
  3. FASD-ORS Self-Serve Password Reset tip sheet
  4. Tip sheet for Network Coordinator to set up new agencies and programs
  5. Tip sheet for Agency manager to add new caseworkers to programs
  6. FASD-ORS User Manual- network coordinator
  7. FASD-ORS User Manuals – agency manager
  8. FASD-ORS User Manuals – caseworker

Network Coordinator Video

PCAP Client Data Video

Maintain Service – Caregiver Video

Maintain Client Data Video

Adding New Service – Supports for Individuals Video

Adding New Clients Video

Agency Manager Video