FASD Research Series

Research Series March 31 Poster[1] Are you interested in the current reearch that is being done in the area of FASD? Join us on March

Article of Interest

ParentingwithFASD DRutman MVan Bibber2009 1 Parenting with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Deborah Rutman – Marilyn Van Bibber

FASD Specific Services in Edmonton and area.

If you are looking for FASD specific services in and around Edmonton please take a peak at the brochure! FASD Specific Programs (Edmonton Area)

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds   Wednesday, March 17, 2010  0900 – 1000 hrs  Glenrose Hospital – Auditorium (Live)  Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds MARCH

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