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School success with FASD- 10th FASD Video Series (Second Round)

Jeff Noble’s interview with Crystal Millions. Crystal lives with Fasd and currently attending University. Watch to find out what’s making her successful.

Dry9 | Persistent Friend | AGLC – 9th FASD Video Series (Second Round)

Is your friend expecting? Support her, don’t ask her to drink alcohol.  Join Albertans across the province and see how you can support her @ Dry9 at

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Anti-Alcohol PSA Educational Video – 8th Video Series (Second Round)

FASD Prevention: Prenatal Visit – 7th FASD Video Series (2nd Round)

Explore the different periods of fetal development and how all types of alcohol can potentially impact the fetus. Watch video the end

6 Things Educators and School Staff Should Know About FASD – 6th FASD Video Series (Second Round)

Children and teenagers with FASD require specific supports that are unique from other developmental disabilities and conditions. Many educators and school personnel have not been trained on these specific needs. If a parent has sent you this video, they are trying to provide you with tools that can help you work more effectively with their child. This video is very general. You can find more information on how to specifically and practically support these skills in our other videos. In particular, please check out our Receptive Communication video at…

FASD: Let’s move from shame to blame, to support and care – 5th Video Series (Second Round)

Myles Himmelreich lives with FASD and is a motivational speaker and advocate.  In this video from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, Myles says, “My mom loved me. When talking about FASD, there is often shame and blame. That does not help anyone. The best way to help moms and people living with FASD is to provide support and understanding.”

Thanks to Saskachewan Prevention Institute for making this video available.

FASD: Prevention awareness, support and understanding. -4TH FASD VIDEO SERIES (SECOND ROUND)

Myles Himmelreich is an FASD advocate and consultant, and motivational speaker.  In this video he shares information about FASD that is key to helping society make shifts in understanding. When we share information about FASD it leads to better support for mothers, individuals, families, and communities.

Thanks Saskatchewan Prevention Institute for making this video.

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