AccessAbility Day 5: Article Summary- Educating Students With FASD: Linking Policy, Research, and Practice

Background Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) experience a range of cognitive disabilities, including learning and intellectual disabilities. Therefore, they often require special education

KnowFASD: Information Processing

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Information processing has been found to be slower in individuals with FASD. School aged children with FASD may have

AccessAbility Day 4: Article Summary-Corrections and connection to the community: A diagnostic and service program for incarcerated adult men with FASD

Background Adverse outcomes such as mental health issues, substance misuse, contact with the Justice system and incarceration can be associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Here to help: Were you receiving supports through an FASD Service Network and evacuated to the Edmonton region?

The Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network is here to support all individuals and families who had been receiving Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder supports and

AccessAbility Day 3: Article Summary- Toward intentional, reflective, and assimilative classroom practices with students with FASD

Background For children with FASD, who experience deficits in behavioral and cognitive functioning, school can be a challenging environment. The social and emotional deficits seen

AccessAbility Day 2: Article Summary- Intervention recommendations and subsequent access to services following clinical assessment for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Background Children with FASD and prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE, without a formal FASD diagnosis) require various interventions to address the challenges they face on a

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