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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Services program at Bissell Centre.  The program is currently accepting referrals to work with and assist partners of individuals registered in the

Respectful Interviewing: Women and Substance Use in Pregnancy

The focus of this training is on best practices in respectful, culturally sensitive, and motivational interviewing techniques with biological mothers who may have consumed alcohol

FASD is Costing the Province 520 Million Dollars a Year.

Please take 20 minutes to watch this video from Alberta Primetime on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder from September 9, 2011. Featured panelists are Denise Milne  Sr.

FASD Day 2011

I am proud to say that FASD Day 2011 was a great success! We had OVER 100 participants and many more onlookers at Kingsway Garden

Employment Opportunities

Currently, Bissell Centre is looking for the right individuals to fill the positions of Adult Advocate and PCAP Advocate for the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of

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