FASD Day 2010 Summary

The Edmonton and Area Fetal Alcohol Network’s FASD Day Breakfast held September 9, 2010 was a huge success! This year’s event was held at the

August 2010 FASD Frontline Newsletter

Are you looking for FASD resources, articles and tips? Read the August 2010 edition of the FASD Frontline Newsletter! August Frontline Newsletter

FASD: Friendship Tip Sheet

Friendship Tips for Adults with FASD Please read the ‘Friendship Tips’ for adults who are impacted by FASD.

FASD Presentations, Contact Information

Educator ‘Presentation Menu’2 Are you looking for FASD presentations for frontline staff, caregivers, community members? Please view the attached information poster on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum

FASD: Identifying Characteristics of the Disorder

It is important for an individual with FASD as well as his or her community of support and professional staff to understand how FASD impacts the ability

FASD Day 2010

Every year on September 9th, FASD Awareness Day is observed. September 9th was chosen so that on the 9th day of the 9th month of the

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