CBC: Coliseum Inn to offer temporary housing to Edmonton’s homeless people

The 98-room Coliseum Inn, located on Edmonton’s Wayne Gretzky Drive, will be used as temporary housing for homeless people.¬†(Avonlea Photography/Facebook) A 98-unit hotel on Wayne

CanFASD: FASD in Canadian news

Submitted by John Aspler, CanFASD 2020 Sterling Clarren Award winner Project background People with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) can have difficult and stigmatizing experiences throughout their

KnowFASD: Attention and Hyperactivity

With many parents, caregivers and families at home, sharing the same place and space, it is a good time to review and remind ourselves of

Patients with FASD: Tips for Healthcare Providers

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline health care providers are working day and night to protect the health and safety of individuals all

Explaining COVID-19 from the FASD Network in Saskatchewan

Due to many of the struggles experienced by individuals with FASD (such as trouble with abstract thinking, communication problems, memory deficits, problems generalizing, etc.), it

COVID-19 Information for Kids

Are you looking for a resource to support your conversations about COVID-19 with young children? The Government of Alberta has put together this ‘frequently asked

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