CanFASD New Resource: Succession Planning

CanFASD staff have recently put together a document for Caregivers of individuals with FASD, titled ‘Succession Planning: What parents & caregivers of a loved one with

KBHN supports early assessment tool to identify children at-risk for FASD

Receiving a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) diagnosis isn’t easy. First, it requires confirmation of prenatal exposure to alcohol. If—and only if—this is confirmed, a

Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network: Erika’s Story

On FASD Day (Sept 9, 2019), CFAN was pleased to premiere Erika’s Story. Erika’s Story is one of inspiration and hope. CFAN believes that connecting

CanFASD: Language to avoid when talking about FASD

With the recent celebration of FASD day on September 9th, society is being exposed to more information on FASD. It is important to be aware

October 2019 Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network Meeting Agenda

Mark your calendars! Our next FASD Network meeting is Tuesday, October 1st, 2019. Click here to download the agenda.  

Video: Being On The FASD Spectrum with Reinier

Reinier’s 12 Minute Chat re: Being On The FASD Spectrum – for Sept 9th, 2019

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