KnowFASD is a website that introduces the neurobehavioural difficulties that may appear throughout the lifespan of individuals with FASD. It is important to recognize that, being a spectrum disorder, FASD can look different for different individuals. Not all individuals with FASD will experience all of the issues presented here. However, this site summarizes the common neurobehavioural features of FASD found in current research. The problems presented on this site are not necessarily gender specific.

KnowFASD is an outreach project created by the “Intervention on FASD” Network Action Team (iNAT) of the Canada FASD Research Network.

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Academic Difficulties

Adaptive Functioning

Adverse Outcomes

Attention and Hyperactivity

Caregiver Burnout

Difficulty Understanding Time

Difficulty with Money

Drug and Alcohol Use

Executive Function

Feeding Problems

Feelings and Emotions

Impulsivity and Risky Behaviour

Information Processing

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Language and Communication Problems

Memory and Learning Problems

Mental Health Problems

Motor and Visual-Motor Deficits

Negative Behaviours

Sensory Difficulties

Sexualized Behaviours

Sleep Problems

Social Difficulties


Trouble with the Law

Workplace Difficulties