It’s safest not to drink during pregnancy. What does this mean?

There is no threshold of alcohol use in pregnancy that has been definitively proven safe.  Exposure to alcohol at any time in a pregnancy can

Calming Activities Tip Sheet

Have a look at the latest Tip Sheet.  This month it is all about how to calm yourself when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Calming Activities

Healthy Eating – February Tip Sheet

February is Heart and Stroke Month.  Eating a healthy diet not only helps with a healthy heart, but is also very important for a healthy

Barrier Reduction Fund Application Form

The Barrier Reduction Fund is intended to eradicate major barriers to women accessing addictions treatment programs, such as the cost of transportation and in some cases the

FASD Frontline Newsletter

FASD frontline newsletter DEC11

November 2011 EFAN Meeting Agenda

See you all there at 9:30am at McDaniel Manor EFAN Agenda Nov2011

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