Let’s Make FASD Part of the Conversation This Election

Federal election campaigns are currently underway in Canada and candidates across the nation are campaigning fiercely for your vote. There are many social, political, and

CanFASD: Mental Illness Awareness Week – Through the Lens of FASD

October 6 to 12 is Mental Illness Awareness Week! Held annually during the first week of October, Mental Illness Awareness Week is a public education

State-of-the-Art Review of Transition Planning Tools for Youth with FASD in Canada

Citation: Coons, K.D., Azulai, A., & McFarlane, A. (2017). State-of-the-art review of transition planning tools for youth with FASD in Canada. PolicyWise for Children &

CanFASD New Resource: Succession Planning

CanFASD staff have recently put together a document for Caregivers of individuals with FASD, titled ‘Succession Planning: What parents & caregivers of a loved one with

CanFASD: Language to avoid when talking about FASD

With the recent celebration of FASD day on September 9th, society is being exposed to more information on FASD. It is important to be aware

Towards Healthy Outcomes For Individuals with FASD

Click here to download the document. To help support intervention approaches across the lifespan, the Healthy Outcomes model has been developed to help support intervention

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