CanFASD New Resource: How to Explain an FASD Diagnosis to your Child

CanFASD staff have recently put together a document for Caregivers of individuals with FASD, titled ‘How to Explain an FASD Diagnosis to your Child’. This

Resource: What is your child’s Challenging Behaviour trying to tell you?

This guide is for parents, family members and carers who are worried about their child’s/ family member’s behaviour. For the sake of readability we will

Routine Charts Encourage Children to Develop Independence

“I Am Feeling Really Upset.” Routine charts encourage children to develop independence, the ability to follow instructions and a sense of achievement. They are particularly


If you have not seen these resources and modules please check them out! The FASD and Child Welfare Community of Practice is an interprovincial project

What Doesn’t Work and Why

Parenting is usually based on well known methods such as: * time-outs * grounding *using consequences * discipline involving added work/chores * contracts/positive rewards *

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