Health and Learning Are Deeply Interconnected in the Body: An Action Guide for Policymakers

Science tells us more clearly than ever how the conditions and environments in which children develop affect lifelong health as well as educational achievement. How

CanFASD Webinar Registration: Understanding and Managing Sleep in FASD for children 6 and under

Topic Understanding and Managing Sleep in FASD for children 6 and under Description Sleep, or lack thereof, can be a problem for many people, but


It’s a Party! Suggestions for a successful birthday party for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) NOFASD is proud to launch the Birthday Party Book,

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and complex trauma A resource for educators

Click here to download the resource. Audience and purpose This practical education resource is designed to support schools, educators and community members to recognise, understand

When Quarantine Feels Like Chaos and the Power of The Reset with FASD training Aubrey Page

Are you thriving or surviving right now? Sometimes we just need some perspective on how we can best accommodate our child’s brain. Let’s talk about

Teacher‑Reported Prevalence of FASD in Kindergarten in Canada: Association with Child Development and Problems at Home

Jacqueline Pei · Caroline Reid‑Westoby · Ayesha Siddiqua · Yomna Elshamy  · Devyn Rorem · Teresa Bennett · Catherine Birken · Rob Coplan · Eric

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