Experiences of living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative data

Helena Domeij, Gunilla Fahlström, Göran Bertilsson, Monica Hultcrantz, Heather Munthe‐Kaas, Christina Nehlin Gordh, Gert Helgesson First published: 26 February 2018 https://doi.org/10.1111/dmcn.13696 Abstract Aim To identify and

Including the Voices of Families in FASD Research

The Kids Brain Health Network recently posted an article on the value of engaging parents of children with disabilities in the research process.  The article highlights

Do women who drink before realising they’re pregnant harm their babies? Exposure during first six weeks ‘can cause permanent damage’, study warns

No alcohol No risk message needs to be shared prior to conception, especially when planning a family.  Clear public health messages are needed as well