Hartlepool women warned over boozing while pregnant

Women in Hartlepool are being warned of the dangers of drinking while pregnant at a series of health awareness events being staged in the town. Hartlepool

September 09, 2015 International FASD Awareness Day

2015 FASD Awareness Day September 9th of every year is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day.  FASD is a permanent brain damage that occurs when

Teen Lobbies for Those with FASD

Who said persons with FASD can not learn, take harder classes, and advocate/lobby for those with similar condition? Recent high school graduate Gary Riege is a

FASD Awareness Efforts in Australia – FASD in the News

Getting help to kids mislabelled as “just naughty”, when they have an unrecognised disability caused by alcohol-related brain damage that occurred in the womb, is

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