CBC: ‘You’re weird, you’re different and nobody wants to be your friend’: the loneliness of FASD

Myles Himmelreich says many people don’t understand the daily struggles for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or FASD. “In school, it was: I

‘People think it’s bad behaviour’: FASD widely misunderstood, says motivational speaker with the condition

Port Alberni, BC — A diagnosis with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder does not need to limit a person’s potential, says a specialist living with the

The Body-Behaviour Connection: A first hand perspective about FASD

Myles Himmelreich, an adult with FASD, provides a multidimensional, educational, and first-hand perspective about FASD.

“I am not broken, I do not need fixing” – Myles Himmelreich

Myles Himmelreich has FASD and is a motivational speaker. Hear this incredibly powerful message from this amazing man and change maker!

CanFASD FASD Day Interview #2: Myles Himmelreich

Myles Himmelreich is a mentor, public speaker, FASD consultant, and advocate.  Born with FASD, he provides exceptional insights to the challenges and success he has