It Takes a Village to Raise a Child FASD – 18th Video Series

FASD: what you need to know…

We all know the problems that alcohol can cause for adults and teenagers. But what about drinking during pregnancy? So, what is the problem with

Drinking at Conception Boosts Diabetes Risk for Baby

Babies conceived by women who drink alcohol around the time of conception face dramatically increased risks of type 2 diabetes and obesity in early middle

Mother Who Drank Through Pregnancy Speaks About Her Journey to Sobriety

‘I was always drunk for the school pickup’: Alcoholic mother-of-three who drank through pregnancy and abused her family speaks about her journey to sobriety Sarah

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is Not Just a Cape (south Africa) Problem

South Africa has one of the highest rates of foetal alcohol syndrome in the world. While most people regard this as a problem unique to

Do women who drink before realising they’re pregnant harm their babies? Exposure during first six weeks ‘can cause permanent damage’, study warns

No alcohol No risk message needs to be shared prior to conception, especially when planning a family.  Clear public health messages are needed as well

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