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Keira Knowlton: Living with FASD

In this two-minute video, Kiera Knowlton, a young woman with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), discusses FASD and some of the ways it can affect individuals who have this disorder. It’s part of an awareness partnership between the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission, a member of the Government of Alberta’s cross-ministry committee to address FASD, and CTV2. FASD is caused by alcohol exposure in the womb and is 100 percent preventable when a woman has the right supports. #abfasd

Wine or Alcohol While Pregnant?

In spite of the headlines, please say, “No Thanks” to wine or any alcohol while pregnant

In June, you may have heard a loud ‘gasp’ from people who do research, prevention, or provide supports to persons with an FASD. Why? you may ask.

That is because comments and headlines were appearing in the media such as:

  • “Moderate drinking in pregnancy not cause for alarm” (CBC)
  • “Moderate drinking can mix with pregnancy, studies suggest” (Globe and Mail)
  • “Light Drinking Said OK for Pregnant Women” (Discovery News)
  • “…if I’m ever pregnant, I’m going to focus on the part where they say, ‘small amounts have not been shown to be harmful,’ and have a glass” (Besthealthmag.ca)

The Danish Study

These statements have appeared because of the Danish Study that was published by The BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in June. In this study, mothers were asked about their drinking at the time they were pregnant. Five years later, their children were examined to see if drinking had effects on IQ, attention span, and executive functions such as planning, organization, and self-control in their children. The study found that one to eight drinks a week had not harmed the children in these areas. Children of mothers who drank nine drinks or more a week had the risk of a low overall attention score when compared to children whose mothers did not drink. The publication still advises that no alcohol is still the safest option while pregnant.

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Found on Saskatchewan Prevention Institute’s site

Help Spread The Word!

cropped-letstalk1-121.jpgWe need your help in spreading the word about the FASD Prevention Conversation!

The The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility’ focuses on engaging communities in conversations about drinking during pregnancy or drinking before women even know they are pregnant.  The project is based on the first and second levels of the Four-Part Model of Prevention (PHAC, 2008).

It is important for women and their partners to have access to information and services related to prenatal alcohol use. The communication strategy and messaging component of the project will focus on raising public awareness of the negative effects of binge drinking during the early stages of pregnancy.  As outlined in the Four-Part Model of Prevention, this first level will utilize community development strategies to raise awareness among the target populations, highlight support mechanisms and promote involvement by community members and primary care providers (PHAC, 2008).

So how can you help?

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St. Albert Gazette Article

leca“Program Targets Drinking During Pregnancy”

Check out the article the St. Albert Gazette printed in their February 22, 2014 edition.  It focuses on the “The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility” campaign.

St Albert Gazette Feb 22 2014