Register Now for CanFASD’s Webinar: Reducing Stigma, Writing and Talking About FASD!  

Topic: Reducing Stigma: Writing and Talking About FASD Description: The language we use and the ways in which we use it are important. Based on

FASD Resource: Tips For Caregivers

The Saskatchewan FASD Network has created several resources to help people learn about FASD and create strategies to support individuals with this disability. One gem is

Conference: FASD and Mental Health, Its All Connected

The Lakeland Centre for FASD will be hosting their 3rd Virtual Conference this year with the theme of FASD & Mental Health, It’s All Connected.

August 2022 Coaching Families Caregiver Support Group

Mark you calendars! The August 2022 Coaching Families virtual caregiver support groups will be held on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 and Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Mark Your Calendar, The FASD York and Simcoe Advisory Committees are offering the 3rd Annual FASD Conference as a hybrid event this year. Virtual or In-person

About this event Oct 4th we would welcome you to join us for a day filled with topics ranging from how FASD impacts across the

Infographics: Contents from the Unregulated Drug Supply Remain Unpredictable

There is often a disconnect between what drugs people think they are using and what they are actually using, increasing the risk of harm to

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