Parent-reported sleep problems in school-aged children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Association with child behaviour, caregiver and family functioning

N.Hayes, K.M.Moritz, N.Reid Highlights Sleep problems are common in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Sleep problems are associated with increased rates of child

CanFASD Webinar Registration: Understanding FASD in the Criminal Justice System, A Research Update

Description: In order to implement best practices and improve outcomes for individuals with FASD who experience contact with the criminal justice system there is a

Treatment algorithm for the use of psychopharmacological agents in individuals prenatally exposed to alcohol and/or with diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

Journal of Population Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacology Mansfield Mela, Ana Hanlon-Dearman, A. G. Ahmed, Susan D. Rich,  Rod Densmore, Dorothy Reid, Alasdair M. Barr, David

Alberta: The FASD Patient Journey

Click here to download ‘The FASD Patient Journey’. Executive Summary In September 2018, the Alberta FASD Cross Ministry Committee initiated an FASD Patient Journey Project

CanFASD Issue Paper: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Adversity

CanFASD recently released a new issue paper exploring FASD and adversity. Below is a short summary. You can find the full issue paper here. Issue Prenatal

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