Medication Management in FASD

Dr. Shih discusses the steps to take before using medications, the basics of medication choices for treating insomnia, aggression, anxiety disorders, ADHD and mood disorders

Addiction & Mental Health Access 24/7 IS NOW OPEN!

What exactly does Access 24/7 offer? Addiction & Mental Health Access 24/7 offers a point of contact for adults seeking support with mental health and/or

KnowFASD: Caregiver Burnout

WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? Caregiver burnout is a state of stress and fatigue resulting from caring for an individual, or individuals, for an extended period

Safety Issues: FASD and Sexuality

In this session, Dr. Esmail will begin the discussion about what sexuality is by examining our beliefs, values and basic assumptions about sexual health.  

KnowFASD: Academic Difficulties

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Many individuals with FASD experience academic difficulties, which may reflect underlying difficulties or lack of exposure to consistent schooling.

Adolescents with FASD: Education-Based Strategies for Social Skills Development

Abstract Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a permanent neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by physical, mental, and learning disabilities. Despite variability, individuals with FASD consistently struggle

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