Goals and Values

3The Society has five goals in educating and supporting communities for a future free of FASD:

Supports and Services:

To provide individuals, families and communities with a range of holistic supports and services that meet their needs across the lifespan.

Information and Education:

To provide access to information and resources while developing and delivering evidence based education and training opportunities to the community.

Building Relationships:

To nurture and maintain connections and partnerships with communities, agencies and all levels of government.


To help create a voice for and with people impacted by an FASD.


To inform, participate and disseminate research and contribute to the development of best-practice interventions.


The Society operates according to and is guided by the following values:



The Society will partner through formal and informal relationships with individuals, families, and communities.


The Society inspired by the needs of the community and guided by best-practice, aims to provide lifelong, strength-based supports and services to individuals and families impacted by FASD.


The Society respects and is inclusive of individual differences and diversity within our communities.


The Society operates with a maximum level of responsibility and transparency for its actions and decisions.


If you would like more information on who and what the Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network is please contact the Network Coordinator at: Lisa.Rogozinsky@catholicsocialservices.ab.ca

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