Are you looking for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder supports and services in the Edmonton and surrounding area? The Network, through direct fund allocations, provides supports in the following support pillars:

* Assessment and DiagnosisAssessment and diagnosis strategies promote access to functional assessments for interventions. We want all Albertans who may be affected by FASD to have access to timely and affordable assessment and diagnostic services.


* Targeted and Indicated Prevention Services: Prevention program strategies promote the health of the mother, prevent or minimize harm to the fetus, reduce the likelihood of further affected pregnancies, and reduce the number of secondary disabilities such as crime, homelessness, re-housing and unemployment for adults, as well as school disruption and foster care placement for children. Our goal is that alcohol use during pregnancy is eliminated, preventing the profound personal and societal costs of FASD.


* Supports for Individuals and Caregivers: Support for individuals and caregivers focus on the coordinated access to the right services at the right time. We want Albertans with FASD and their caregivers to have coordinated access to supports and services that meet their needs.



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