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The Co-Chairs of the Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network Society, responsible for bringing leadership, strength, and creativity is Brittany Durant and Kristina Laban, leaving Lisa Rogozinsky, the Network Coordinator, to keep the organization running smoothly with its administration and management.

Please forward any questions, concerns or inquiries to:

Network’s Email: edmontonfetalalcoholnetwork@gmail.com

Mailing Address: 10320 146 Street Edmonton AB, T5N 3A2

Lisa Rogozinsky – Network Coordinator 780-919-0354 lisa@rogozinsky.org
Brittany Durant – Network Co-chair brittany.durant@cssalberta.ca


  1. A co-worker told me about your site and I am very impressed with all the excellent information and resources that are on it!

  2. I want to volunteer with your organization..I have fundraising experience and administrative experience. I look forward to hearing from you

  3. I have a few questions, I am diagnosed with FASD for almost 5 years now. I do have girls who are 14,11 & 9 and I would like to explain to them about my disability. How can I talk to them regarding this situation, They have been getting information from other family member regarding this and have no idea about the subject. I do want my girls to know that its a spectrum and for myself what it has changed my life to someone that doesn’t have FASD.

    Please Help!

    1. Hello Jennifer:

      You can tell them FASD is a brain-based injury and caused by a mothers drinking while she is pregnant. Never shame or blame your mother while explaining FASD to your children and others. You can also tell them that each person with FASD is affected differently. Some have more difficulties and challenges, and some have less.

      You can explain the challenges you face, and how you overcome them. There are many resources on our website and Facebook page too and you are welcome to print or share with your children.

      Here are a few useful links:

      What is FASD:

      Myths Vs Facts:

      Please let us know if you have other questions.

      Thanks and Regards,

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