2022 Red Shoes Rock Event Guidebook

Welcome to 2022 Red Shoes Rock FASD Event Guidebook. We are excited you are choosing to join us on another year of adventures with FASD

Caregiver Handouts: Games and Activities

Are you looking for ideas and new activities for parents and caregivers to engage in with their children? Do you want to support brain-building activities?

NoFASD – Australia: Caring For Yourself

This is a list of ideas for parents/carers to act as first aid for a healthy body and a happy mind! NOFASD Australia partnered with

CanFASD Common Messages: Guidelines for talking and writing about FASD

CREATING INTERSECTIONS: A Systematic and Person-Centered Harmonizing Framework For Housing Individuals With FASD

AN INTRODUCTION TO THIS DOCUMENT THE CATALYST This project was catalyzed by service providers and individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), as well as

Travel Tips For Parents of Children with FASD

With warmer weather upon us and spring break and the summer just around the corner many families will be planning adventures. Whether by plan, train,

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