ACADEMIA Letters: Difficulties in Diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the Judicial System

Devji, A., Johnson, P.A., Johnson, J.C., Singh, J., Mardon, A. (2021). Difficulties in Diagnosing FetalAlcohol Spectrum Disorder in the Judicial System. Academia Letters, Article 1158.

Bridging Connections, FASD Program With Metis Nation of Alberta

In support of M├ętis Albertans impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), we are offering our Bridging Connections program. FASD is a lifelong condition affecting

FASD and the Justice System; Working Towards Better Outcomes Virtual Conference

The Lakeland Centre for FASD will be hosting its second annual virtual FASD Conference. This conference will be a 2-day virtual event for October 5

Now Recruiting Adolescents with FASD For A Canadian-Wide Virtual Research Study

For more information or to participate, please email Vanessa Boila

Thinking About FASD Month: Ideas and Recommendations

Get ready for FASD Month with this panel discussion. Our presenters dive into the topics best practices for FASD prevention and communications initiatives as well

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