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Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring mental health: A systematic review

Highlights Prenatal alcohol use is associated with offspring mental health problems. There is disparity in the measurement of internalising disorders across studies. Future studies should utilise methods that allow stronger causal evidence. Abstract

KnowFASD: Feeding Problems

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Developmental Considerations Typically developing babies will usually have developed the skills needed for breast feeding by 6 weeks of

First case for Canada’s first FASD court

By: Katie May Something closer to daylight shines down from the courtroom ceiling, as a 20-year-old man takes a seat in the prisoner’s box. The familiar

CBC: ‘You’re weird, you’re different and nobody wants to be your friend’: the loneliness of FASD

Myles Himmelreich says many people don’t understand the daily struggles for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or FASD. “In school, it was: I

Medium Psychology: The Future of Healing: Shifting From Trauma Informed Care to Healing Centered Engagement

Shawn Ginwright Ph.D. From time to time, researchers, policy makers, philanthropy and practitioners all join together in a coordinated response to address the most pressing

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