Integrated Youth Hubs Alberta

Youth Hubs • Are person-centred • Respond to community needs • Genuinely engage youth and families • Promote mental health services at the right time,

Elizabeth Fry Society: Youth Stoplifting Program

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton will be running its free five-week program for girls ages 12 – 17 that focusses on the underlying and

Elizabeth Fry Society, Girls Empowered and Strong: Summer Program

Girls Empowered and Strong is a program for teenage girls who want to address the many issues facing them and become empowered to make strong

Elizabeth Fry Society Edmonton: Stoplifting For Youth

Following in the footsteps of our very successful Stoplifting program, Stoplifting for Youth is open to girls ages 12-17 and is designed to address underlying

The 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre

The 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre is operated by the Lakeland Centre for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Cold Lake, AB. This is a unique

November 2016 – FASD Frontline Meeting

Charlene Malish, Mental Health Independent Living Solutions at Bissell Centre will present at the next FASD Frontline Meeting.  Charlene will incorporate in her presentation information

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