CanFASD Common Messages: Guidelines for writing and talking about FASD

CanFASD has updated their common messages guide! A great resource to refer to when you’re talking about FASD, alcohol, and pregnancy. Check it out! The

CASA Presents: “Your Mental Health” Webinars | Compassion Fatigue in the Pandemic

CASA is pleased to once again bring you our series of webinars, created to assist families and community members in dealing with the many mental

Webinar Registration: The complex care family experience during and after Covid-19 / The experience of families requiring complex care during and after Covid-19

Webinar description: Brenda Lenahan and Donna Thomson are parents of children with severe disabilities and complex care needs. Both are activists who contribute to policy making

CanFASD Webinar Summary: Pain and FASD

What is pain? Pain is your body’s alarm system responsible for alerting you to injuries. The sensitivity of this alarm can be different between individuals.

Getting to Know FASD From A to Z: Adaptive Functioning

About KnowFASD This site introduces the neurobehavioural difficulties that may appear throughout the lifespan of individuals with FASD. It is important to recognize that, being

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