Exploring the experience of service users following attendance at a student-led interprofessional neurodevelopmental clinic

Khari Nicola Garavelis, Nicole Hayes, Tanya A. Rose, Maree Maloney, Karen Liddle, Karen Moritz, Matthew Gullo, Hannah L. Gullo, Rebeccah McMah, Helen Heussler & Natasha

CanFASD New Issue Paper: Diagnostic Assessment of Preschoolers

CanFASD recently released a new issue paper Diagnostic Assessment of Preschoolers with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. Below is a short summary. You can find the full issue paper here.

Comparison of three systems for the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in a community sample

Citation: Coles, C.D., Bandoli, G., Kable, J.A., del Campo, M., Suttie, M. and Chambers, C.D. (2022), Comparison of three systems for the diagnosis of Fetal

FASD Resource: A Caregiver’s Guide To FASD Diagnosis

This guide is intended for caregivers (birth parents, kinship caregivers, foster parents, or adoptive parents) of children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol, and who

Developing local Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnostic services and Models of Care in Australia

ABSTRACT Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). Recognition of FASD within Australia has continued to grow,

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