CanFASD Webinar Registration: Emerging Research in Action: CanFASD Trainee Webinar Series 2023

For the past several months, ten trainees have engaged in the novel CanFASD Trainee Program led by Dr. Kelly Harding. Trainees have had the opportunity

CanFASD: Neurodiversity and FASD

Issue:The term neurodiversity first emerged in the late 1990’s. The term was coined by sociologist Judy Singer [1-3] and was first used in print by

WHAT’S NEW? Looking At the Last Five Years in FASD Research

Ever wonder, what’s new in FASD Research? Below is a look at the last five years. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: The Importance of Adopting a

CanFASD: New study launched on strengths!

CanFASD wants to hear from adults with FASD about their strengths and successes! CanFASD is doing a new study to learn about how adults with

CanFASD: Moving Towards FASD-Informed Care In Substance Use Treatment

CanFASD published a guide that outlines evidence-based practices to support people with FASD who are in treatment for substance use. With rates of substance use hospitalizations

FASD Resource: A Caregiver’s Guide To FASD Diagnosis

This guide is intended for caregivers (birth parents, kinship caregivers, foster parents, or adoptive parents) of children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol, and who

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