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Topic: Reducing Stigma: Writing and Talking About FASD Description: The language we use and the ways in which we use it are important. Based on

Caregiver Experiences Highlight Successes and Strengths in People with FASD

Since launching our caregiver survey in September last year, we have received more than 100 responses and are learning so much already. We recently looked at the

CanFASD Issue Paper: Broad Approaches to Psychotherapy for Individuals with FASD

People with FASD experience exceptionally high rates of mental health challenges. However, there is a considerable lack of evidence about the possible therapeutic responses for

CanFASD: Building Connections Improving FASD Awareness Across Canada

FASD Day and FASD Month is a great opportunity to bring attention to FASD nationally and internationally. But we need a united front to get

CanFASD Webinar Registration

Emerging Research in Action: CanFASD Trainee Webinar Series Description For the past several months, eight trainees have engaged in the novel CanFASD Trainee Program led

Next FASD Frontline Meeting: April 20, 2022

Mark your calendars! The next FASD Frontline meeting will be held Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 10:00 am – 11:30 am. Bissell Centre is excited to

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