Mental Health for Caregivers of Individuals with FASD

Happy Mental Health Week! Today we are exploring mental health from the point of view of caregivers of individuals with FASD. Stress is a normal response

COVID-19 Tips for Caregivers of Individuals with FASD

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that can be spread from person to person through small water droplets from the nose and mouth. There are a

Self-care linked to greater confidence in parents of children with FASD

A Rochester study is the first to describe caregiver strategies for self-care and the obstacles and barriers parents face in raising children struggling with developmental,

The best possible start: A qualitative study on the experiences of parents of young children with or at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

MistyPruner, TracyJirikowic, Kathryn MYorkston, Heather Carmichael Olson Research in Developmental Disabilities, Volume 97, February 2020 Abstract Background The developmental outcomes and life course trajectories

CanFASD Article Summary: The experiences of caregivers looking after individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Background: Caregivers of individuals with FASD often experience a number of significant challenges in their daily lives. Some researchers have suggested that the stress experienced

Webinar– Managing the Toll of Caregiver Trauma and Building Resiliency in Families Impacted by FASD

NOFASD Australia has partnered with FASD specialist Eileen Devine to provide a 3-part web series on building resilience for parents and carers of those living

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