Adaptation Toolkit: Co-creating a Local Resource with Caregivers Supporting a Young Person with Substance Use Disorder

Last year, the Improving Treatment Together (ITT) Project released Parents Like Us: The Unofficial Survival Guide to Parenting a Young Person with a Substance Use Disorder.

Mental health challenges during COVID-19: perspectives from parents with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities

Genevieve Currie, Brittany Finlay, Ashish Seth, Christiane Roth, Myada Elsabbagh, Anne Hudon, Matthew Hunt, Sebastien Jodoin, Lucyna Lach, Raphael Lencucha, David B. Nicholas, Keiko Shakako

Register Today! FASTRACS 8-Week Program

CASA’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Treatment, Resources, and Community Supports program (FASTRACS) provides FASD education to parents and caregivers of children with a diagnosis or suspected

NOFASD – Australia: First Aid For Parents/Caregivers

NOFASD has created a list of self-care ideas for parents and carers to act as first aid for a healthy body and happy mind!  The

FASD Resource: Tips For Caregivers

The Saskatchewan FASD Network has created several resources to help people learn about FASD and create strategies to support individuals with this disability. One gem is

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