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Supports and Services: Bissell Centre, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services (FASS)


Through community development, advocacy and intensive supports, Bissell Centre’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum of Services (FASS) program enhances the community’s capacity for prevention and awareness through education and supports for the well-being of individuals, families affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their caregivers.

The supports and services offered through the FASS program include: 


Parent-Child Advocacy Program (PCAP)  Partner

The PCAP Program offers mentorship to women who are at high risk of giving birth to a child with FASD. This includes women who are pregnant or have recently given birth, who are susceptible to or have used drugs and/or alcohol during the pregnancy.   PCAP advocates work with women for three years.

The PCAP Partner program provides support for those who have a major role in the PCAP Participant’s life. This is a resource that can be utilized by those individuals who are supporting a mother enrolled in the PCAP or FASD Adult program.  The program is not limited to the partner or biological parent and can include a family member or friend in need of resources to support the mother.

Adult Advocacy

Adult Advocacy provides one-on-one long-term (up to three years) mentorship to adult men and women who are affected by FASD. This is an outreach program that supports participants in determining their goals and helps them find success with their advocate. FASD is a spectrum that affects each individual in different ways and supports are implemented to accommodate the uniqueness of each person.

FASD System Navigator

The FASD System Navigator provides short-term support to adults with or suspected to have FASD. Supports include immediate crisis assistance, referrals to community resources and programs, and access to long-term supports.

For more information on the supports and services provided by the FASS program please contact:

FASD System Navigator
Catherine Molyneux
780.423.2285 ext. 157
or 780-966-0041
E-mail: cmolyneux@bissellcentre.org

FASD MedicAlert Bracelets

We now offer MedicAlert FASD bracelets here at Bissell. This pilot program aims to achieve more equitable treatment for persons living with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder by raising awareness among emergency first responders on how to approach these individuals as identified through their MedicAlert ID.

Community Education

Community Educators present to small and large groups on the dynamics of FASD. Each presentation is tailored to the business, school or organization’s needs.  Presentations range from “FASD: the Basics”, to specific strategies, and consultations that are tailored to the group or individual.  All presentations are free of charge.

FASD Frontline Worker Meetings

An opportunity for frontline workers to meet with each other and discuss issues they face in their work.  Through collaboration, we can find new and different ways to support our clients with FASD. There is an opportunity to case conference, learn about resources through presenters and network with community resources for FASD supports.

For more information on location and dates for FASD Frontline Worker Meetings or to book a presentation please contact:

Lisa Rogozinsky
FASS Community Educator
E-mail: lrogozinsky@bissellcentre.org

Elves’ FASD Respite Program: Now Accepting Applications!

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.53.55 AM

Elves FASD Respite Program is now accepting referrals for the 2018/2019 program year (September 2018 start).

For more information please email inquiries@elves-society.com


Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton: Registration Open for ‘Stoplifting for Youth Program’

Stoplifting for Youth May 2018

Registration is now open for the next cycle of our Stoplifting for Youth program. The free, 5 week program is open to teen girls ages 12-17 who shoplift. Please note that a shoplifting charge is not a prerequisite of registration, simply a history of shoplifting. The program runs Mondays from 4:30-6:30 beginning May 7th. Pre-registration is required.

This program is an adaptation of our successful adult Stoplifting program and it will work to address the underlying issues that lead to shoplifting while helping youth find new and healthy coping strategies. There will be a focus on self-esteem building and peer pressure resilience throughout the program, while also discussing the impacts of shoplifting and motivation to change. Participants that complete the program will receive a certificate and support letters can be written if required.

Click to download program brochure Stoplifting for Youth May 2018

Reminder: 2015 EFAN AGM – September 01, 2015


EFAN General Meeting is scheduled for

September 01, 2015

dont forget to RSVP

to Qadra.Abukar@cssalberta.ca

Wanted: Participants for City of Edmonton Discussion Group – August 5, 2015


Public Transit Discussion Group

The City of Edmonton is holding a group discussion with public transit users who are on low-income.

Details of this discussion group is as follows:

Who:  City of Edmonton

What: Discussion group to provide input for a pilot project on low-income bus passes

  • Questions for the discussion group:
    • would people prefer a $35 monthly pass or bus ticket at a $1 per ticket?
    • Where would be the most convenient place to purchase the monthly pass or tickets?

Where:  DECSA

When:  August 5, 2015

Time: 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Why:  To have one’s say regarding the important issue of affordable transportation PLUS! Gift care for participants

Please call DECSA for more information

Registration for Jeff Noble and FASD1OH1 is Now Closed

registration closed

 Registration for Jeff Noble’s event scheduled for September 24, 2015 is now closed.  

For those who have registered and received confirmation of attendance, please send in your registration fees by September 01, 2015.  Please send/deliver the registration fee (cash/cheque) to: #2, 9137 Jasper Ave, Edmonton AB, T5H 3T2, Attention Lisa Rogozinsky (please make cheques payable to ‘Bissell Centre’).

Thank you all

Edmonton and Area FASD Programs and Services – Glenrose Adult and Children Assessment Clinic (FASD)

Glenrose Adult and Children Assessment Clinic

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