Christie Blatchford: La Loche school shooter was doomed long before he picked up a gun

Aside from the glaring tragedy — four lives taken, others left with permanent serious injuries, the wider trauma done to any small place by a

First case for Canada’s first FASD court

By: Katie May Something closer to daylight shines down from the courtroom ceiling, as a 20-year-old man takes a seat in the prisoner’s box. The familiar

CanFASD: FASD and Victimization

A lot of the discussions about FASD in the justice system mention that people with FASD have trouble as offenders. However, it is important to

Young Offender Must be Screened for FASD before Sentecing

The Conversation reports that 86% of those in prison and 96% of those in Juvenile in the Northern Territory of Australia were Indigenous. In Western

SA man eligible for release forced to spend year in jail due to lack of disability housing – FASD in the News

A cognitively impaired South Australian man has been forced to spend almost a year in jail, despite being eligible for release, because of a lack

Mentally challenged man asked to lead 5-on-1 attack

This is just one of many cases where persons with FASD are used to commit a crime.   Source: A mentally challenged Winnipeg man