Parenting a Child with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Rosenbaum, P.L., Novak-Pavlic, M. Parenting a Child with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Curr Dev Disord Rep 8, 212–218 (2021). Abstract Purpose of Review Traditional thinking and focus in

HuffingtonPost: Abandoning My Expectations Let Me Become The Mom My Kids Really Needed

By Christen Shepherd Just as the youngest of my six kids turned 13, I felt like I was giving up on parenting. At first I blamed it

Parenting with LOVE: Self-Compassion

Being kind to yourself is one of the best ways to teach your children self-compassion. Parenting with LOVE is an evidence-informed parenting program offered in

Our daughter lived with FASD for 45 years. This is her legacy.

By LARRY ROREM Laura Rorem For the Juneau Emprie Each of our children and grandchildren are a special gift. We love them for who they

Helping mothers in recovery pays off

Much has been said about what wasn’t accomplished before the May 18 legislative session deadline, but it’s worth noting some important things were accomplished in

A Little Bit of Understanding Goes a Long Way – FASD Success Stories Series (8th Story)

We are very pleased to share our success story! We have three FASD boys – the oldest is twenty years old with an extension in

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