The brain’s functional connectome in young children with prenatal alcohol exposure

XiangyuLong, PreetiKar, BenGibbard, ChristinaTortorelli, CatherineLebel Highlights • We used fMRI to study young children with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) • We measured the functional connectome and its stability within and

Research Participants Needed: Mental Health and Brain Alterations in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Click here to download the research postcard! This study will investigate the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and postnatal adversity on children’s brain structure, physical

New study probes the sensory effects of prenatal alcohol exposure

The sparkling vineyards near Cape Town, South Africa, produce some of the world’s best wines. But there’s a darker story among the people who work

Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring mental health: A systematic review

Highlights Prenatal alcohol use is associated with offspring mental health problems. There is disparity in the measurement of internalising disorders across studies. Future studies should utilise methods that allow stronger causal evidence. Abstract

Drinking in pregnancy could affect children’s mental health

New research led by the University of Bristol has found children whose mothers drink during pregnancy could be at greater risk of mental health problems,

Research Participants Needed: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Study

Brain development occurs quickly in young children, and continues throughout childhood and adolescence. Prenatal alcohol exposure can affect brain structure and cause altered brain development

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