Shocking Poll Reveals How Many Mothers-to-be Smoke, Drink too Much Caffeine

‘Getting drunk won’t harm my baby’, say 10% of pregnant women: Shocking poll reveals how many mothers-to-be smoke, drink too much caffeine and eat ‘forbidden’ foods

  • 20% of pregnant women drink alcohol and 10% smoke when expecting
  • Half drink more caffeine than is advised and a third eat ‘forbidden foods’
  • More than a third of women said they did this as they ‘couldn’t go without’
  • But 91% said they felt judged by others for indulging in these behaviours

wine glasses

One in ten pregnant women do not believe getting drunk will do any harm to their unborn baby.

A poll found one in five women drink alcohol while expecting, with almost half of these mothers saying they didn’t think becoming intoxicated would do any damage.

A further 10 per cent of women admitted to smoking when pregnant, while almost half (44 per cent) said they drank more caffeine than is recommended.

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