Bright Futures: Creating College Opportunities/Programs for Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Burgamy, R. (2020). Bright futures: Creating college opportunities/programs for students with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Future Review: International Journal of Transition, College, and Career Success, 3(1).

Higher education institutions that strive to serve the needs of diverse post-high school groups and those seeking to boost enrollment by serving new populations should consider developing programs specifically tailored to the considerable number of young people in our nation with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Though often bright and highly verbal, these young people may have impairments in working memory, impulse control, processing speed, executive/adaptive functioning, and receptive language skills —things which would make attending college a challenge. Parents worry about their kids’ ability to navigate the campus, stay on task, navigate the social milieu, and even though many parents feel their kids may be able to do college coursework, most feel they would still need accommodations in the areas of
executive and adaptive functioning.

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