KnowFASD: Sensory Difficulties

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Children with FASD may have problems processing sensory information. A child might be overly stimulated by their environment (hypersensitive) or

CanFASD free training: FASD for School Staff Level II, Practical Strategies for the School Environment

FASD for School Staff Level II is an advanced training course intended for all educators working with students with FASD including all administrators, teachers, educational

CanFASD Article Summary: Recent advances in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder for mental health professionals

Background Various techniques are improving our understanding of FASD. Knowing that individuals with FASD often have comorbid mental health issues, Mental Health Professionals (MHP) are

KnowFASD: Mental Health Problems

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Individuals with FASD tend to have more mental health issues than the general population. Researchers have found that as

CanFASD: Claudette Bradshaw Innovation Award

Application Deadline: August 31 Award recipient will be notified by September 30 Claudette Bradshaw recently retired from the Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) Board of

KnowFASD: Caregiver Burnout

WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? Caregiver burnout is a state of stress and fatigue resulting from caring for an individual, or individuals, for an extended period

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