A Systematic and Person-Centered Harmonizing Framework for Housing Individuals with FASD

  Elizabeth Carlson is a doctoral student in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Alberta. Elizabeth¬†takes a collaborative, holistic, and

Registration OPEN: Building Better Bridges: A Shared Understanding of FASD (Edmonton, AB)

Building Better Bridges: A Shared Understanding of FASD is a one day, FREE, conference for parents, caregivers and service providers. This interactive event will provide

CanFASD Article Summary: Challenges of diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in foster and adopted children

FASD has been found to be 10-15 times more common among foster/adopted children, potentially affecting 17% of all children in foster care. However, many children

CanFASD Article Summary: Prevalence and characteristics of adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in corrections: a Canadian case ascertainment study

Individuals with FASD are overrepresented in criminal justice settings, but there is currently little evidence to describe prevalence rates. The study summarized below estimated the

CanFASD: Top FASD Articles of 2018

The articles below were selected by a group of Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) staff, researchers, and Family Advisory Committee members to highlight some of

CanFASD: Two new papers published by CanFASD researchers

Two papers led by CanFASD researchers were released in December 2018. These papers are part of a special issue on FASD being put together by Advances

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