AccessAbility Day 2: Article Summary- Intervention recommendations and subsequent access to services following clinical assessment for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Background Children with FASD and prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE, without a formal FASD diagnosis) require various interventions to address the challenges they face on a

KnowFASD: Difficulty Understanding Time

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Developmental Considerations Time is an abstract concept that takes time for all children to understand. Often preschool children struggle

KnowFASD: Attention and Hyperactivity

HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Developmental Considerations Children with FASD often show difficulty focusing, maintaining, organizing, and shifting their attention. Some researchers have shown

CanFASD: Guest blog: Thoughts on the FASD International Conference- Shelley More

I had the great fortune to attend 3 days of the International FASD Conference, Vancouver at the beginning of March thanks to the generous sponsorship

CanFASD Article Summary: Social perception in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Children with FASD are very social; they tend to seek out social interaction with others and start conversations. However, once engaged in a conversation, they

KnowFASD: Negative Behaviours

  Negative Behaviours HOW DOES FASD AFFECT THIS AREA? Children with FASD often struggle with behavioural expectations more than typically developing children. These behavioural issues

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