FASD Caregiver Connect Nights

The MNA Children and Family Services Department understands that raising a child/youth with FASD is rewarding and challenging. We have heard from parents and caregivers

Organizing FASD Family/CaregiverSupport Groups

This booklet brings together evidence and experience from key stakeholders in the FASD community and lessons learned from the FASD Support Group Project, a Health

Coaching Families Caregiver Support Group April 2023

Mark your calendars! The Coaching Families caregiver support group (open to any parent or caregiver of a child with or possibly with FASD) will be

FASD Network of Saskatchewan Lunch n’ Learn – Grief & Loss

The FASD Network of Saskatchewan posts short ‘Lunch n’ Learn’ videos on their Caregiver Facebook group. This video was on the topic of grief and

FASD Resource: Succession Planning

Not sure what succession planning is? Take a peek at this guide prepared by the Canada FASD Research Network for parents and caregivers of a

FASD Resource: A Caregiver’s Guide To FASD Diagnosis

This guide is intended for caregivers (birth parents, kinship caregivers, foster parents, or adoptive parents) of children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol, and who

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