Podcast: FASD Family Life With Robbie Seale

FASD Family Life is a podcast for families by families raising children and youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The podcast host is Robbie Seale,

Getting To Know FASD From A To Z: Caregiver Burnout

About KnowFASD This site introduces the neurobehavioural difficulties that may appear throughout the lifespan of individuals with FASD. It is important to recognize that, being

HuffingtonPost: Abandoning My Expectations Let Me Become The Mom My Kids Really Needed

By Christen Shepherd Just as the youngest of my six kids turned 13, I felt like I was giving up on parenting. At first I blamed it

CanFASD: Life with COVID-19 from a Caregivers’ Perspective

Written by the CanFASD Family Advisory Committee We are finally confident that people will understand what we mean when we say life is unpredictable and

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