Children’s Healthcare Canada: Tips from AboutKidsHealth for a good night’s sleep

Adjusting to new schedules and routines can be hard. Children and teens may have different diets, habits and sleep routines now that they are in

Difficulty with sleep: Strategies to improve sleep from Autism Speaks.

Many children with autism [and FASD] have difficulty with sleep. This can be stressful for children and their families. This informational booklet is designed to

Article Summary: Challenging sleep-wake behaviours reported in informal, conversational interviews of caregivers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Difficulty sleeping is common among those with FASD. However, sleep difficulties are seldomly discussed in the literature, or among health care professionals and caregivers, as

CanFASD: Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD: Clinical Considerations (2010)

Sleep issues in FASD have not received much attention in the research world. Problems with sleep for people with FASD may begin in early infancy

Sleep Strategies for Children With Fetal Alcohol

Source: them out Wear them out – wear them out I repeat – fun and laughter and sunshine and water and dirt and play. Running and jumping and fun

FASD and Sleep

Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder have permanent changes to structures in their brain, and this can have an impact on their sleep patterns. FASD and Sleep

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