Substance Use in Youth with FASD

Tomorrow is International Overdose Awareness Day. Substance use by individuals with FASD is becoming an increasing concern. Data from the National FASD Database shows that nearly

The COVID-19 pandemic and parental substance use: a cross-sectional survey of substance use among pregnant and post-partum individuals and their partners

Olivia Frank, Malia S. Q Murphy, Robert Talarico, Kathryn M. Denize, Carlie Boisvert, Alysha L. J Dingwall Harvey, Ruth Rennicks White, Daniel J Corsi, Kari

New Online Course: Substance Use and Treatment in FASD

  Did you hear? A new online course on substance use and treatment in FASD just launched in the CanFASD E-Learning Platform! This is a new Level

Parents like us: The Unofficial Survival Guide To Parenting a Young Person With A Substance Use Disorder

The authors of this book are parents. Parents like you. We have many similarities and differences, but one thing that we all have in common

Drinking alcohol while pregnant: Less than 1 drink per week can cause ‘significant’ changes in the brains of fetuses

Hannah Murphy | November 30, 2022 | Womens Imaging Retrieved from Drinking even small amounts of alcohol while pregnant—less than one drink per week—can impact fetal brain

CanFASD: Moving Towards FASD-Informed Care In Substance Use Treatment

CanFASD published a guide that outlines evidence-based practices to support people with FASD who are in treatment for substance use. With rates of substance use hospitalizations

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