Appreciating the Small Things – FASD Success Stories Series (7th Story)

Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

I know that is true. My son Nathaniel was diagnosed with FASD in March 2013 at age five. Prior to that, we knew very little of what was happening. He started at age four to have major tantrums and became extremely aggressive. Since he was adopted we knew nothing about the mother’s drinking. Well, on to the success part…I was recently at a meeting with a behavioral specialist and was asked to track Nathaniel’s tantrums. What a surprise when I realized that there were a few small tantrums and very little major ones. We had walked through many difficult times, however, through consistency and a whole lot of professional guidance he was doing really well. It took tracking his behaviors to realize that there was a marked improvement.

At times, it is hard to see that your loved one with FASD is doing better because often we compare our lives with others and sometimes our children come up short. We need to look at our children or loved one by him/herself because it might change our perspective and give us a lift. Now when I look at Nathaniel I say WOW, he only had a few minor tantrums today and they only lasted five minutes! What a great day!


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