Run, Kevin, Run! – FASD Success Stories Series (12th Story)

Thanks to Jeff Noble – FASD Forever! for sharing these amazing stories.  It is through such stories that parents and caregivers get hope and a new perspective to a situation their child is going through. Keep doing what you do!

Success story Success story 2

This is our eighteen-year-old son, Kevin. I introduced him to a young man in our community a while back who is  a personal trainer, and who also has a brain injury (acquired). Through the encouragement and training of this new friend, through opportunities that have opened at school, and through Kevin’s own determination, he has participated in numerous races. As of late, he is burning the track in Cross Country Events (para-athlete division), and today, he qualified himself for the provincial competition which takes place next week in Sudbury, Ontario. It is encouraging to watch him take pride in his accomplishments and to have something that sets him apart in such a positive way. And the bonus: running helps regulate his moods!


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