Just When Things Seem Bleak…….FASD Success Stories Series (13th Story)

My friend Dan Dubovsky often says in his training sessions that people with an FASD have concrete thinking and they often have moments of great insight. I want to share two such moments that my son had when he was very young.

One day he was visiting my mother at the recreational community she spent her summers in and she was taking him for a ride on her golf cart through the beautiful wooded area. The golf cart broke down a great distance from her summer place and they had to wait in the woods for quite awhile for my stepfather to come and rescue them. After a good deal of time spent waiting, talking together, and looking at the nature surrounding them my son said, “Mom-Mom, I think God is giving us a Time-Out.”

He offered me another unique perspective one day as we were driving in the car. He asked, “Dad, is Mom-Mom going to have an Easter Egg Hunt for me again this year?” I answered, “Of course she will, it is a tradition.” My son said slyly, “I know what a tradition is.” So I took the bait and asked, “What is it?” He replied, “It’s when you do the same old thing, only it’s still fun.”


Source: http://fasdforever.com/feedback/success-stories/page/4/

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