Thriving with FASD

Emily Travis is a speaker, advocate, counselor and not to mention Miss Metropolis.

Emily has a busier work load than most people I know but what makes her different,
what makes her extraordinary, is that she is doing all of this while living on the spectrum
of Fetal Alcohol (FASD).

My goal for this interview is to find out what kind of strategies she is using to maintain
balance in her life, while dealing (and living with) with organic brain damage.
What keeps her focused when maybe it’s hard to do so? If she has sensory issues,
how does she deal with that? And all while, how does she keep it cool and collected
while being in the world of pageantry with very high and demanding expectations?

Oh, one more thing before you get to the video. You’ll notice there are times when I am not
looking at the front camera, which might make me come off as a jerk and not listening –
the truth is I have multiple monitors and she was on all of them, so when I am looking away,
I was still looking at her. Real smooth, Jeff, real smooth. Anywho, lesson learned, enjoy the interview.


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