EFAN is hosting its second annual artwork contest for children and youth in Elementary, Junior High, and High School as well as out-of-school kids in these age groups.  We are hosting this contest to get young children, teens, and youth to start thinking about the effects of alcohol during pregnancy.  This year’s theme is “Prevention and Awareness of FASD”.  Please help us reach as many schools/programs as possible.  Please share this with all your contacts!


Elementary, Junior High, and High School Artwork Contest

Participate in our artwork contest for a chance to win up to $75 in gift card! Each category will be judged separately and each category will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Still not convinced?  Winning artwork will be displayed during 2016 FASD Day – Please note that contestant’s details will not be shared during this event or other subsequent events.

Please refer to the below poster for contest rules, start and end date, and other details.


2016 - EFAN Artwork Contest - Revised
Click on image to download the poster



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