Racism Animation: Indigenous Youth Wellness

What is racism and where does it come from?

Kayla takes her younger brother Nate back in time to show him how racism started in Canada. Learn the history to inform yourself about racism in Canada.

This video was made in partnership with Sean Muir and his team from the Healthy Aboriginal Network. To view more of their projects please visit: http://thehealthyaboriginal.net

Cuystwi is a free online youth wellness quest for Indigenous youth ages 13 to 15 in BC. The 24 interactive and video-based lessons in the program cover topics including: celebrating our cultures, identity strengthening, learning about our history as Indigenous people, learning about ways to deal with racism, healthy relationships, learning about what sexuality means and learning about our emotions and ways to self-regulate.

To contact us email us at: cuystwi@phsa.ca

Or check out our website at: http://www.indigenousyouthwellness.ca…

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