Drinking whilst pregnant – what she said…


This is my wife’s reaction to the Loose Women question (“Let us know if you think the odd drink during pregnancy is OK?”) that inspired my post:

No it is not OK. It is not OK to take a risk on a Central Nervous System (which incidentally is forming all through gestation), Endocrine, Skeletal, Muscular, Organs developing normally at a cellular level. Alcohol is a teratogen.

This is a fact.

One glass of wine affects the foetus/baby (physical heart rate changed) for half an hour as shown on a sonagram. So we can see the physical affects alcohol has on a very developed baby/foetus how can anyone say that their children have not been affected on a cellular level by alcohol?

The rising diagnosis of ADHD and Autism (if anyone is interested there is information on this) the cross referencing of symptoms with these and FAS, FASD and ARND…

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